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The Mysterious World of Animal Migration: A Look into the Incredible Journeys of Animals

Skrivnostni svet živalskih migracij: Pogled v neverjetna potovanja živali


Migration is one of the most astonishing aspects of the animal kingdom. It unites species, ecosystems and geographies in a complex web of travel and survival. We have plunged into the depths of this mysterious world marked by the distances bridged by our feathered and furry friends.

Monarch butterfly

Monarch butterflies embark on one of the longest and most famous migrations in the animal kingdom. These tiny insects travel up to 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico each year to survive the winter. This long journey is surprising, given that monarch butterflies are relatively small and fragile.


Caribou make one of the longest migrations of any land animal in North America. They travel up to 1,200 miles between their winter and summer ranges. During their journey, they have to deal with extraordinary challenges such as raging rivers, high mountains and invaders, including humans.

Arctic goose

Arctic geese fly on one of the longest bird migrations. They fly thousands of kilometers each year between their breeding grounds in the Arctic and their subsistence grounds on the south coast of the United States or in Mexico. To achieve this, they must endure extreme weather conditions, long days of flying and limited food.

Great white sharks

Great white sharks can be found in oceans all over the world, but some groups make incredibly long journeys. Some even travel across the entire Pacific from the coast of California to the coast of Australia and back. The reasons for this migration remain partly a mystery, but it is likely related to mating and foraging.

Green-footed tern

The green-footed tern, a small seabird, is known for its incredibly long migration, one of the longest of any animal species. Every year it flies about 40,000 kilometers from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back. Terns perform this feat in search of an endless summer, moving between the northern and southern hemispheres to take advantage of the best nesting and feeding conditions.

Fairy horse

Known for their unique shape and elegance, these tiny sea creatures also migrate, although this may not be the most well-known. Every year they swim hundreds of kilometers to mate and give birth. During this journey, they face all kinds of challenges, including adverse weather conditions and predators.

Blue spinners

Bluefins are known for their epic migration that takes them from Greenland to northern Canada and Alaska and back. They complete this journey, which is about 14,000 kilometers long, in just 90 days. Along the way, they have to face adverse weather conditions, dangers of predators and lack of food.

The cetaceans of the river

River cetaceans, the world’s largest fish, also migrate long distances. Their migration takes them from warm tropical waters to cooler oceans in the north and south. During these migrations, they search for food and possibly mate and give birth.

Animal migrations are a miracle of nature that amazes us again and again. Although many aspects remain unexplored and misunderstood, it is clear that these long and difficult journeys are essential for the survival of many species. By continuing research and preserving the natural crossings these animals need, we can help ensure these miraculous journeys continue long into the future.

Monitoring migration routes and understanding the needs of migrating animals is key to their protection. Habitat loss, climate change and human encroachment are increasing threats to these incredible trails, so it is our duty to act.

With careful management and restoration efforts, we can preserve these migration routes that are so important to global biodiversity. Each species plays a role in the ecosystem, and migration is a key component of this dynamic system.

In the end, every migration is a story of endurance, survival and the connectedness of life on Earth. These incredible trails tell us stories about the power of nature and its creatures that can inspire us to appreciate and protect our common home. In the mysterious world of animal migration, there is a valuable message: we are all connected, we are all part of this beautiful, wild symphony of life.

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